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House Rewiring Considerations

House Rewiring Considerations
House rewiring is a part of house remodelling & is essential for houses, which are 25-30 years older. You may have to take this job as an urgent basis if you feel that the existing wiring has become vulnerable, fragile & hazardous. However, there are even many other reasons as to why you need to consider doing it. Some of you may opt for a complete change in the wiring system while some others may want to change only the layout since the last one was bit old fashioned.

House Rewiring – When Should It Be Done

There are several signs which indicate that a house needs rewiring.

  • There isn’t any earthing present at power points
  • Electrical light sources flicker when any heavy home appliance is used
  • Old wires, which are generally covered up with black rubber
  • Socket outlets of round pin kind
  • Indications of overheating at the socket-outlets
  • Old styled fuse boards & single socket outlets
  • A fuse box having cast iron switches, wooden back or just a haphazard mixture of the fuses
  • A fuse box without any circuit label
  • Unprotected wiring, which hangs on floor board
  • Power loss on using several appliances simultaneously

There are basically two different methods of wiring a house – one is through use of the concealed wires over walls & ceilings and the other one is by installing wires, which pass through these surfaces. Second method needs breaking & re-plastering the surface when rewiring.

However, before making your final decision on rewiring your home, it is important that you consult with a reputed and experienced electrician in Epping. Ask the electrician to do a proper survey of your house wiring layout & ask him or her if a redo is needed.

After all, it is very important that you hire an electrician for doing such jobs rather than considering it to be a DIY because of safety issues. Rewiring all by yourself is not going to be an easy task for you and you can end up hurting yourself or turning everything into a mess if you do not take proper precautions. Electricity isn’t something that you have to experiment or toy with.

The cost of the job however will depend upon the size of your house, layout of circuits and number of electric outlets. Moreover, if you’re planning to change the wiring system completely, it will consume a lot of your money as well as time. Installing a completely new wiring layout even requires a lot of planning and can take up to three to ten days depending upon your requirements and condition of the old wiring.