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Why Is It Important To Hire A Licensed Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractor Craigieburn

If you’re looking to hire an electrical contractor, then do go through this post to make sure you choose the right one to get your job done.

To start with, make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed. It is the best way to know if your preferred service provider is good enough to complete the project. Hiring a licensed contractor ensures that you are in safe hands and your work will be done in a hassle free manner. Do not compromise with license and hire someone who would charge you less, or you may regret it later.

Unlike tasks like painting your home, handling electrical systems is quite critical and complicated. Attempting an electrical DIY can be dangerous. After viewing a YouTube DIY video on electrical systems, it may look very easy but rest assured, that is far from the truth. There are many minute things that one should keep in mind while handling an electrical system. As a common man with basic knowledge of appliances, it is not possible for us to even know what we should look for in order to make sure that the system is configured correctly and safe for use. Minor mistakes at times can lead to hazardous situations such as short circuits and fire. It can even jeopardise the safety of your loved ones and damage other appliances in your home.

So who is a licensed electrical contractor?

An electrical contractor can be a person or a company who has been specifically trained to handle complicated electrical constructions, installations and other jobs associated with electrical systems. They look into every minor details while installing or working with a system, keeping in mind both low and high voltage transmissions to make sure that the work is safely done.

Bear in mind that you are not to be fooled by someone’s word of mouth when they say they are licensed to do the work. Do look for documents which verifies their claim of being certified. Make sure you do not fall for an expired license as it can be dangerous. Always remember that a license is issued to companies or person when they fit certain standards and guidelines. If your contractor has an expired license, something must have gone wrong down the line.

So if you have a work to be done in Craigieburn which requires an electrical contractor, always look for a licensed company or personal. The safety and well being of your family is of much more importance than short term savings you make by avoiding to pay for a licensed contractor.


When Would You Require An Electrical Contractor?

When Would You Require An Electrical Contractor
Most people assume that an electrical contractor must be hired when there is a need to install new wiring and equipment, or repair or replace old ones. However, there are plenty of applications and projects for which the services of a licensed electrical contractor in Craigieburn may be needed. This blog will help you to form a sound idea about the different situations and circumstances that may necessitate the skills of an electrician:

  • Alarm Installations – If you need to get an alarm installed in your home or office, you will obviously require the assistance of a professional who can efficiently work with electrical equipment. This is because such experts are literally trained dedicatedly for undertaking this kind of task.
  • Emergencies – There are some electricians who remain available 24/7 and can be called in any time of the day for addressing an emergency. However, their service charges can be a bit higher than that of the regular professionals.
  • Renovations – No matter what the size of your renovation project is, at some point you will need to hire an electrician for installing power points, lighting and other such fixtures.
  • Home Automation – If you wish to add a modern touch to your home by turning it into a smart one, the foremost thing you will have to do is locate a licensed and qualified electrical contractor. Not only would he or she help you in planning the requirements, but also provide you suitable suggestions as to what should be appropriate for your home.
  • Solar Power – Thinking about switching to solar power? You are going to need the help of an electrical contractor in that as well, as he or she would install each and every necessary element of the solar system.
  • Home Entertainment Systems – Integrating a complete home entertainment system can be more tedious a task than you might think it is. In order to ensure a smooth and convenient installation, hiring the services of an electrician is a must.

Thus, there are so many projects for which an electrician can be of great help to you. Before hiring one, however, make sure that you understand your requirements properly. Begin your search for a licensed and experienced service provider only after you have done that. For example, decide how many light switches and power points you will need for your project. Convey this detail to the professional you consider for hire. It will allow him or her to prepare a more suitable quote for you.

How To Find A Good Electrician?

How To Find A Good Electrician
As for any other professional, it is important to consider some important factors while choosing a good electrician from among local service providers. With the availability of countless experts, it might be difficult to pick a suitable one. But taking a few essential things into account can make the task easier and also ensure the appointment of a skilled professional.

Stated below are some fundamentals you must consider while looking for a good electrician in Craigieburn:

Verifying License

Verifying the license is one of the most important steps involved in making sure that you choose a professional electrician who would be able to work up to the standards. There are certain codes and regulations surrounding electrical work performed on residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, it is important that you verify license of the service provider you are considering for hire by asking for their unique license number.

Enquiring About Services

Although most electricians offer a bunch of common services, some may have experience or expertise in particular areas which can prove to be advantageous for your requirements. This can include specific experience with commercial structures like office or retail spaces or even a sporting venue. Make sure you ask the professional about all these things before appointing them.

Analysing Reputation & Experience

While licensing ensures that an electrician can provide the necessary services, it alone cannot guarantee that they would be able to offer quality work. On the other hand, a licensed professional with a good reputation and significant experience is more likely to deliver top notch services. In order to check the reputation and experience of an electrician, visit their company’s site and go through the testimonial section carefully to understand how content their previous clients were.

Checking Warranty

A good, experienced and reputed electrician in Craigieburn will always provide warranty for his or her work. The warranty ensures that if any concerns or issues are encountered with the work later on, they would be rectified free of cost. Not only would it save you from the burden of additional expenses, but also grant you peace of mind that your investment is not going into waste.

While you are at the task of locating a skilled electrician by taking the above mentioned factors into account, make sure you consider multiple service providers and get quotes from each one of them. Do not settle for someone whose charges are either too high or too low.