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Tips To Start A Garment Factory

tips-to-start-a-garment-factoryBefore starting up a new business, you must first prepare a structured project plan. If your dream is to incept a garment factory, then start from scratch. It is not always necessary to invest a lump sum amount while initiating a new business. You can set the procedure in motion with small scale planning and preparation.

There are basically two options you will get before starting up the project. First one is to reach the targeted audience and then manufacture products according to their needs. Second option is to manufacture the product first and then sell it to the target audience. Whatever your choice is, it is always important to consider certain important factors while introducing a new garment factory. They have been discussed below, check them out –

  1. Select Your Desired Product – The first and foremost thing that must be taken care of is to choose the right type of product for your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting young boys and male audience, then opting for tees and formal shirts is one thing you can do. At the same time, you may manufacture trousers too.
  2. Get The Estimation – Get an estimation of how many pieces you need to manufacture on a regular basis. At start, it can be quite difficult to make an accurate estimation. Depending upon the number of machines, budget and customer demands, make a rough estimation of production accordingly.
  3. Required Factory Space – This is one of the most vital factors, especially for setting up a garment factory. Choose an area where you can install machineries, set up departments and also have some space for your staff. If you can’t afford to buy such a large space, then get a rented one. Don’t neglect the crucial things of the factory like electrical wiring lines, safety and security. Hire a reputed and well known electrical contractor providing industrial electrical services in Craigieburn and install the metering equipment, structured cabling systems, surge protection systems, voltage optimisation and so on.
  4. Manpower Requirement – After getting a rough idea of machineries and raw materials, you need to make the manpower estimation as well. The estimation will include total number of required workers, supervisors, sales men, etc.

Apart from all the aforementioned tips, there are other certain factors such as making a list of the suppliers, reaching the targeted audience, calculating the revenues, profit and loss, and so on. Make sure to handle every step with good care, as a single mistake can ruin your entire dream project.