What Are Electrical Panels? How Should They be Installed?

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What Are Electrical Panels - How Should They be InstalledAn electrical panel generally provides electricity to all the fixtures, outlets and rooms within a house. It includes breakers or fuses that may necessitate periodic service or replacement. Building codes for residential structures in Craigieburn specify appropriate locations for standard electrical panels. This ensures that they can be used and installed safely by professionals offering electrical services.

Electrical panels generally hang on the walls of basement or mount within interior walls. They may, however, need horizontal clearance, which prevents their mounting in corners or some other tight space. Their standard installation procedures specify certain limits on where they can be placed. For a piece of interior wall, the panel should not be placed anymore closer than the space between the wall and a stud. If it is a basement, then the panel may be attached near a wall in the corner. But that is only if enough clearance exists…

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